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The confirmation or checkout of e-commerce has gone through a lot in recent years. Every time the e-commerce or shopping on the internet is the most common form of purchase, highlighting the use of mobile in many cases. For this reason, optimizing all the steps of the purchase is extremely important when we must make the web design of our e-commerce. confirm-commerce-queue-method-pay-use

Since many businesses have already adapted to the digital format, guest shopping seems to be standard, and slow loading is a thing of the past.

In the confirmation of the sale, choosing the payment method could be a real dilemma for consumers, so it is important to offer the customer more than one, and provide security, transparency, and convenience so that he does not leave the shopping cart to confirm the sale.

What are your payment preferences?

If the process is fast, transparent and easy, does it really matter if the purchase option involves a single click?

According to new Paypal research, the answer is yes.

Changing consumer behavior

In a study of 2,000 small businesses and more than 2,000 consumers, Paypal found that there is a stark contrast between the lack of innovation in e-commerce and the way consumers are looking for and buying today.

Despite the growing popularity of digital sales, one-click payment methods and smartphones, 44% of small businesses have reported never having reviewed their payment methods. confirm-commerce-that-payment-method-use–1

As a result, many may have lost sales. In fact, mobile shopping may be the biggest factor here, with its rapid development recently.

So, having a truly responsive website is one of the most important responsibilities of the website design and development team, as smartphones and tablets are the most widely used devices for online shopping, although the desktop continues to lead the percentages.

What’s more, although 50% of consumers frequently shop online using a smartphone, only 17% of small businesses have said their platforms are responsive, and only 4% have a mobile application.

The reasons behind the abandonment of confirmation
While long forms and surprise delivery charges also contribute, the lack of payment options may be the reason behind many shopping cart abandonment.

Many consumers admit that they abandon the purchase because there is no payment method they want.

Having a consumer’s bank-related platform available in the store, or real-time access to instant payment methods, will make your sales faster and more effective, -without the need for your location or the need to place your debit or credit card details. confirm-commerce-what-payment-touse–2

The fewer the number of clicks to make the purchase, the more effective the portal will be.

Some merchants even store user card data for future purchases. There are even options to pay via invoice or to defer payment for one month.

These are not necessarily convenient options for first-time web surfers, particularly on cell phones, where filling out forms is very difficult, but can improve sales for consumers who already have an account.

Capitalizing on new technology
There are many companies using the new technology to offer consumers even more choice.

While it requires integration with banks, it also works to collect customer data. confirm-commerce-quick-payment-method-use-3

For customers, seeing bank details (account balance, etc.) at the time of sale can be an added bonus.

in conclusion
There are many factors that can contribute to a good user experience, and it is important, in this regard, to consider different payment preferences.

As technology advances, so do consumer expectations, which both small and large e-commerce businesses must take into account.


Chelsea R. Mansfield

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