Food And Beverage Packaging And ERP

When it comes to packaging your food and beverage products, there are seemingly countless considerations. Consumers desire packaging that features the latest buzzwords like organic, GMO-free, or gluten free. They demand packaging that is convenient but that does not raise the cost of food items. Government label requirements are constantly changing and are different from region to region. Local branding has become popular over name brands in the wake of the financial crisis.

All of this and many other factors have left food and beverage manufacturing companies to find new ways of product design and market introduction. But with all these intricacies in the field of packaging, how can a company meet the demands and thrive in the modern marketplace?

One way that you may have overlooked is the introduction of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. ERP solutions are often credited with a number of great benefits for the industry, but packaging is often overlooked. Just how does an ERP help in the area of packaging?

Food and Beverage Packaging Design

Often, the creative nature involved with food and beverage package design seems an area that can not easily be measured with data. Since an ERP system is so data focuses, what does it have to do with packaging? Let’s consider the importance of locally branded and formulated products. To remain competitive, companies are more and more realizing that different areas have different demands. Know more information about bottle and labeling company thru this link.

Packaging specifically for these areas can be a challenge. Different population numbers, different area’s affinity to certain products over other areas, and differing demands for freshness are all things that must be considered. How do manufacturers know how much of a product needs to be packaged for distribution in different regions? How can tabs be kept to eliminate waste? An ERP system can effectively track all of this.

Packaging is more of a numbers game then one might realize. Everything from historical analytics to understand when certain products have a peak in demand in different areas to the introduction of certain marketing campaigns can be put into numbers and easily managed by an ERP.

Not only can an ERP system manage this, but it can do it in a way that is more streamlined and less labor intensive than ever before. And, because the ERP provides the same real-time information to every department in your organization, it allows everyone to be on the same page at the same time.

Packaging is a Big Deal in a Demanding Marketplace

Like perhaps no other time in history, consumers have much higher demands, yet are willing to pay less and less to have those demands met. Increased competition in a new global marketplace has only added to this challenge. Companies that are doing their packaging right will last, those who are not will have a much larger challenge ahead of them. And, without the assistance of an ERP system designed specifically for the food and beverage industry, it’s not likely the road will be easy.


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